Tesla “Free Energy” – his Life in Summary

Nicola Tesla was a Serbian American. He lived from the 10th of July 1856 through to the 7th of January 1943.
He was known as an electrical engineer, physicist, inventor, futurist, and mechanical engineer. He contributed greatly to the creation of the modern electrical supply system.
In 1884, Nicola began to get some worthwhile experience in telephony and electrical engineering. He did this before he relocated to the United States. Whilst he lived in the United States, he was employed by a man named Thomas Edison. This took place in New York City.

Not long afterwards, Tesla began to develop his own businesses. He created many laboratories. It was within these laboratories where all kinds of electrical devices were designed.
In his latter years of electrical power development, Nicola soon got involved with a corporate current. This was known as War of Currents. He also took part in all kinds of patent battles.
After this, Tesla continued on to develop his ideas of electricity distribution and wireless lighting in high-voltage and high-frequency electricity experiments. He did this in Colorado Springs and New York.
In 1893, announcements were made about how there may soon be wireless communication included in his devices. Sadly, this idea did not get finished.

Within his labs, many other experiments were performed. These included: X-ray imaging, mechanical generators and oscillators, and electrical discharge tubes. A wireless controlled boat was was also built. This was the first of such boats to ever exist.
Nicola Tesla achieved many things. This gave him a great reputation. Particularly as a mad scientist. Because of his creations, he earned some very good income. This was used to assist him in funding his own projects. All of which were quite a success.
After Nicola died in January 1943, his work soon became history. However, in 1960, there was a General Conference. This was on Weights and Measures. This then became known as the Si unit of magnetic flux density. This was in Tesla’s honor.
Since the 1990’s, there has been a large amount of interest in Nicola Tesla and his works.
Aside from his work life, Tesla had a fantastic ability to design home craft tools and mechanical appliances. He could also memorize all kinds of Serbian poems.
Nicola was one of five children. He was the fourth child. There was an older brother and three sisters. Tragically, his older brother died in a horse-riding accident. This occurred when Nicola was just five years old.
Tesla began his primary school years at a school in Smijan. He went on to normal school. For high school, Nicola relocated to Karlovac.
In 1873, Nicola moved back to his original home town. After his returned, he developed an illness called cholera. As a result, he was bedridden for approximately nine months. There were several occasions where he could have died.
Once Telsa finally recovered from his illness, he ran away to a place called Tomingaj. Here, he began to explore the mountain areas in hunter’s garb. During his time with nature, Telsa soon became mentally and physically strong again. Many books were read during this particular journey of his life. Mark Twain’s words were a great influence of helping him to recover back to full health once again.

In 1881, Nicola relocated to Budapest. Here he was employed by Ferenc Puskas. This was at a telegraph business, known as the Budapest Telephone Exchange. When he started here, Nicola discovered that this business was not working well. As a result, he began to work as a draftsman. He did this at the Central Telegraph Office. The equipment at the Central Station were improved greatly thanks to Tesla.

1882 saw Tesla employed at the Continental Edison Company. This was in France. Here he made many improvements to a wide range of electrical equipment. He also designed electrical equipment.
June 1884 saw Telsa move to New York City. It is here where Thomas Edison employed him. Whilst working for Edison, Tesla started off with basic electrical engineering. He then began to move up into solving more complex problems.
In 1885, Nicola resigned from Thomas’s company. This was because the pay was not very good.

“Free Energy” Nicola Tesla passed away in January 1943. He died on his own in a hotel room in New York. His body was discovered by a maid when she went into his room. She did not pay attention to the sign on his door that told others to not disturb him.

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