A Powerful Life Purpose Goal Statement

This is a Life Purpose Goal Statement of a Socrates, a dear friend of mine, transcribed here.

I was impressed by the clear articulation and the depth of intention – both for the good of the creator of this life goal, and for the greater good of all. It has also inspired me to write a life goal myself.

It was written on the 5th of November 2010 and I was informed by the writer that everything included in it had came to pass in the following 12 months – amazing eh?

So without further ado, here it is!

Life Purpose Goal Statement

To experience change and to facilitate change in humankind through the power of trusting infinite consciousness to use me as a channel of peace, harmony, serenity and health through the greater good of all peoples in all their diversity.

To acquire those skills of transformative communication in order to link and illustrate how unhygienic psychological habits rebound automatically and adversely on the body and mental functions, and is generative of disease, misery, pain and despair.

To facilitate the liberation of myself from its dependent orientation on people, places and things for its joy by an empowerment associated with taking responsibility for my life actions.

I will link wholeness with health and vice-versa. This will involve popularising meditation or awareness as a priority health practice, and coupling all existing medical care with a parallel emphasis on meditative practice and awareness.

I will promote personal growth as an ecologically essential component of environmental survival. Into this paradigm of parallel approach to ill-health would come the 12-Step Recovery Program (link).

I would seek to be a respected, well-known and sought after speaker and master of this evolutionary impulse and its innate benefits in the shifting sands of contemporary personal, economic and socially dysfunctional behaviours.

That I would have all of my personal and family needs met with from this commitment of life purpose, to the divine will or unified consciousness, if it be their will.

These goals, in their entirety, although already complete, will be consciously fully achieved, and I will participate in them, in the coming year, that is, by the first of November 2011.

I will see my income as basic wealth, increase as evidence of the trust that I place in infinite consciousness, as a proof synchronistically will become obvious in my life and will reinforce my commitment.

In return for this I will work in a perennially committed fashion, on all occasion life presents, to advance that global awareness of infinite consciousness.

I will do this in a similar fashion of open-minded willingness and deepening courage to articulate the merits of adopting a practice of recovery and meditation using those words most appropriate to the particular situation I find myself participating in.

I will serve humanity in general but in particular the human need that I am immediately in contact with. I will charge for such services where appropriate, and know that my needs and those of my family will be abundantly provided for.

I seek to serve, and in unity with my fellows recover the full spectrum of our potentiality as human beings so as to best serve the highest good.

Whatever holds me back from achieving these goals I will overcome by a blind trust in the infinite awareness which I, as a local self, participate in at non-local levels.

With all my heart I recognise that this has already happened, and that all humanity is safe, secure and in ultimate reality forever in peace in its collective spiritual unity. There is no doubt in me concerning this, and at the multi-dimensional level beyond those physical ones and others yet to be consciously assimilated, that all this is going to happen because it already has happened, in the single moment all time is present within. Slowly slowly, but progressively , it will enter my awareness, and be transferred and flow into the greater river of being, whose tributaries are legion. All will be accomplished, so that all potentials can surface in a visible manifestation of the beauty of and infinite totality that is life.



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