OSHO: Absolutely Free to Be Funny

Controversial and absolutely hilarious!

This is one of the reasons I love Osho – he just doesn’t give a **** what others think of him. He doesn’t care to be totally out of sync with the wider opinion of the masses.

This short video shows excerpts from an interview of Osho by presenter Jeff McMullen on Australia’s ’60 Minutes’ show.

McMullen: “If I give you a name will you give me one of your words of wisdom for each of these people?

McMullen: “Mahatma Gandhi

Osho: “Mahatma Gandhi was the most cunning politician the world has ever known”

McMullen: “Adolf Hitler”

Osho: Adolf Hitler was the most idiotic politician the world has ever known

McMullen: “Pope Paul”

Osho: Pope Paul should be behind the bars

McMullen: “Mother Theresa”

Osho: It is time for her to jump into a lake

McMullen: Your followers laugh and yet with that kind of very unsettling raw statement that you make….

I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Osho’s teachings have been a massive help to me on my journey of conscious living.

My two favourite Osho books are “Zen: The Path of Paradox, Talks on Zen Stories” and “I Say Unto You: Talks on the Sayings of Jesus”. The second book is very good at undoing fear-based doctrine conditioning if you were raised a catholic as I was.

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