Life Purpose Goal Statement October 2012

Here is my own Life Purpose Goal Statement, written in October of 2012 and transcribed here for your pleasure and benefit.

– To fully realise my worth in a tangible sense, through an intentional conscious process of discovery and blind, patient trust in the higher power (infinite consciousness).

– To realise in my life a radiant true love, for self and others, and a freedom to give and receive love readily as a consistent way of being.

– To experience change, healing and growth on all levels of my being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

– To facilitate change in humankind, through generously helping myself and others to know and realise their true selves.

– To have joyous and nourishing intimate relationships with women based on compassion, healthy, open communication, understanding and interdependent agreement, guided by infinite consciousness.

– To realise trust and confidence so that I am free from inhibitions to take risks in order to manifest and attain that which I truly want in life.

– To come to a clear and vivid knowing of what my true values and desires are in my life through any reasonable means necessary, whether intuitive, psychological or spiritual.

– To awaken through seeing and recognising the divinity of myself, others and all of existence.

– To realise fully the numinous eternal now moment; in the people, places and things that arise in the now, as well as the spaciousness within and without.

– To strive for psychological hygiene within myself on a daily basis.

– To seek and realise in myself and facilitate in others a state of psychological, emotional and relational hygiene.

– To create ample space in my life for that which I truly want, whilst recognising and letting go of that which I do not want.

– To be a unifying force in others’ lives; helping to heal the divisive nature of our politicised and commercialised social structure.

– To fully realise in my awareness that I am one with all others and all of existence; to let go of all sense of separation and therefore all fear.

– To learn to open and receive the gifts and attention that others give me; to be comfortable and to engender humour and fun with those I share my life with.

– To enjoy fully time spent alone, to realise fully it’s value.

– To learn how to implement deep, meaningful, supportive and nourishing relationships with others.

– To operate out of an omnipresent consciousness of prosperity and abundance.

– To continuously look inwards to discover attitudes, notions and beliefs that exist out of conditioning and to work to replace them with those which are more
resourceful and empowering.

– To recognise the presence and futility of any blame that I harbour for both myself or anyone else.

– To realise joy as my primary and consistent way of being.

– To operate from a place of deep acceptance when I do not feel good.

– To identify and re-own any disowned aspects of my consciousness so that I may be whole and integrated.

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