Socrates Journal 4pm 11th march 2013

When I woke this 5am, I was having a witnessing experience. It is not possible to deconstruct that experience now. No word can contain it!

However, what can be said, will be spoken. The dialogue this may produce will be facilitative of Meditation.

Meditation is an eternally present reality. Thoughts are distractions.

This is an experience, which i share with the Web community. There is a thread of connectivity here with the original Socrates.
He spoke to those in Athens, while this forum has a global reach. The motivation is similar, while respective styles are unique.

It is written that when Shaktimundi and Mahavira crossed paths on their journeys, they greeted each other with great courtesy and respect. They shared an evening beside a camp fire. They shared food, drink and Silence. There were no words-much to the distress of their respective followers!

For a number of years, I found pain in the head, distracted his Awareness from Meditation. As awareness revealed the inclination for I to pull back from the pain, via denial, distraction by means of medication, work and other avoidances, learning happened.

The feedback, slowly over time allowed a willingness to surface, that allowed I to embrace the pain.

This simple action transmuted the perception of the pain as liability to that of it being an asset.

This re-framing allowed the situation to be construed as an aid to Meditation. The liability became a lighthouse, a beacon. A surrender happened, and the I found itself dissolving within the pain.

Many other things happened concurrently and separately.These various aids to energetic calming of mind, increased the frequency of the occurrence of Meditation.

When the Grace of M ,was not present,the Awareness was of a glass ceiling,at the crown chakra.This was felt as a constriction physically.However, no previously familiar fear or anxiety was associated. Pessimism had been replaced by a trust filled confidence.

Besides the innate difficulty of giving a linear shape (accessible to a local consciousness) to a multidimensional expanded one, there is the problem of slippage. This can be elaborated further, in later blogs, should the need arise.

However there is ultimately no problem within the multiverse. A single taste of whole brain engagement with Reality, relativises “problems” within a changed attitude or world -view. Once this happens there is no way back, to the conditioned form, of concrete operational (Piaget).

Given at 4pm 11th march 2013.



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