The Benefits of Hemp and Saving The World.

“Make the most of the Indian hemp seed, and sow it everywhere!” 

                                                                                            – George Washington 

I’m not gonna make any qualms about it! Were you to ask me “Hey you, we need a solution to all of the worlds problems, whats it gonna be?”. My answer every time would be the same thing, or same plant, to be more precise. Hemp! Now at this stage you might be saying to yourself, “Hemp, ain’t that what those hippie folk smoke?”. Well, you wouldn’t be too far wrong. Although hemp is pretty much the same plant as the its more famous medicinal, recreational and spiritual cousin marijuana, the main difference in is the uses and THC levels.

The many uses of hemp.
The many uses of hemp.


Before the turn of the 20th century hemp was the most widely grow industrial plant in America. It was an integral part of the nation’s economy and had so many day-to-day practical applications it’d blow your mind! Henry Ford even built a car from the stuff, that ran on hemp fuel! So how come the only place you really find hemp these days is in that toothpaste you’ve been meaning to try in the health food store?

Back in the mid 30’s when the The Marijuana Tax Act made possession or transfer of marijuana a criminal offence throughout the United States under federal law, industrial hemp(containing almost none of the psychoactive ingredient THC) was lumped right along in there…some lobbying from the the big hitters in the timber and petrochemical industries helped as well.

An example of the the lengths the FBI went to in the 30’s to demonise marijuana and in turn hemp.
Laughable now, I know!

But wait! Change is in the air and the sweet smell of hemp and marijuana is starting fill the American country side once again. Aside from California, which is famous for its lax attitude and medicinal use of marijuana, a large number of states have followed suit with Washington and Colorado becoming the first states to fully legalise recreational marijuana use. Colorado also being the first to fully legalise industrial hemp farming. Here’s the current state of play. Lets hope this will be one of America’s more positive and productive exports.

Some other great documentaries on the subject to check out are; The Union which tells the story of British Columbia’s marijuana industry and the amazing tale of Rick Simpson and his success in curing cancer with hemp oil.

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