Carl Jung: A Dangerous Method.

“Anyone who takes the sure road is as good as dead”
-Carl Jung

Black or white? Hot or cold? Nature or nurture? The Beatles or The Stones? Intellect or intuition? Freud or Jung…hm, well in this case I’m going to nail my colours firmly to the Jungian mast! For no other reason than what his life represents to me, a constant state growth and understanding guided by nothing more than your own inner compass in opposed to Freud’s very concrete, linear and downright stubborn doctrine.

Jung, to the best of my knowledge, coined the term “synchronicity“. This term, which is commonly used and even more commonly experienced these days would have been a really bold concept back in Jung’s time. He lived in an age where the paranormal or non rational was frowned upon. If your theories or ideas verged off the beaten track of the strictly intellectual status quo in any way you were shunned. But Jung could not deny the synchronicities he was experiencing and so continued to try and understand them.

The contrast between the two men and their philosophies is quite brilliantly illustrated in David Cronenberg’s “A Dangerous Method”.

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