Nicola Tesla – a Brief Account of His Life

Nicola Tesla was a Serbian come American technological engineer who live for eighty six years between 1856 and 1943. He was born in the present day Croatia which was back then known as Smijan, Austrian Empire. He was and electrical engineer, futurist, physicist and inventor who was well known for his participation in the creating and designing of the modern day AC (Alternating current) in electricity supply systems. Before deciding to change his citizenship from Australian to American in 1884, Nicola Tesla had already acquired experience electrical engineering and telephony. He was soon thereafter able to bring up his own company and laboratories where he developed a wide range of electrical products even though he was involved in many different battles and fights with regards to his patented alternating current (AC) induction motor. Tesla was able to earn the reputation of a mad scientist after he exhibited the first ever wireless remote controlled boat. He was able to get a lot of money from his patents of which he used the in financing his projects of which their success rates were varied. His death let to his work becoming dormant but was later on recognized at the Genera Conference of Weights and Measures.

Early years (1856-1885)

Born in a family of five children, Tesla had only one elder brother who died in an accident when horse riding, Nicola Tesla was only five years old then. He first went to school in his hometown and studied religion, arithmetic and German. In 1862, Tesla finished his primary school after moving with his family to Gospic, Austrian Empire. After the completion of his primary school, Tesla moved from Gospic to study at the Higher Real Gymnasium where he completed a four year’s term in only three years. It is here that he received great influence and inspiration from his mathematics teacher. He was actually able to clearly perform and integrate calculus within his mind. He then returned to his town of birth where he contacted cholera and became bedridden for more than nine months. In 1875, he decided to enroll at Austrian Polytechnic where he started off on a greater note passing his exams with more than twice of what is expected. However, his proceeding years were not that favorable to him which then resulted to him losing his scholarship and eventually dropping out. He worked for Edison’s company for a while.

Middle years (1886-1899)

Nicola Tesla left Edison’s company and decided to partner with two businessmen in bringing up an electric company name Tesla Electric Light and Manufacturing. This however did not go as well as he had expected because his investors saw the need of improving and developing the electrical utilities rather than inventing new ones. They prompted the exit of Nicola Tesla thereby leaving him without a penny. He then had to struggle through to sustain himself working for as low as two dollars a day. This made him doubt the usefulness of the education he received. After a few months of struggle, he met a superintendent and a lawyer and together they came up with Tesla Electrical Company in 1887. The beginning of 1893 however saw Benjamin Lamme, an engineer with Westinghouse developed a more efficient version of the Induction motor which was named as “The Tesla Polyphase System” giving them patent priority over the AC systems.

At the age of thirty five in the year 1891, Nicola Tesla became a naturalized United States Citizen when he built fifth laboratory. Upon noticing damaged films, he began researching and investigating radiant energy. This is when he discovered that the roentgen rays did not cause any damage to the skin.

Later years (1918-1943)

Nicola Tesla got his last patent for the biplane which was able to lift off vertically then gradually tilt. In 1935 when celebrating his birthday, he announced that it is possible to transmit mechanical energy over terrestrial distances with a very minimal loss. In 1937, Nicola Tesla left his hotel headed to the local church which he visited on a regular basis. After crossing a couple of streets, he was unable to escape the wrath of one taxi cab that hit him hard and fell to the ground. Despite being severely injured, he did not agree to be taken to hospital but instead taken back to his hotel in a taxi. He became bedridden for a couple of months after which he was able to wake up and walk for short distances.

Death 1943

He died in his room in the New York Hotel on 7th January and his body was then found by his maid upon ignoring the “Don Not Disturb” sign on the door.”

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