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Ryan Eliason’s work has taught him that there are as many ways to change the world as there are people on this planet. Each of us has a unique role to play, and we’re all desperately needed at this critical time. Read more Ryan’s Social Entrepreneur Manifesto (Ryan Eliason is the founder of Visionary Business School and the Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Network.)

Ryan believes that “if we’re going to survive and thrive as a species, it’s going to take all of us working together, each playing a part that contributes to our collective evolution.

However, in order for you to play your part you need to be financially empowered.

If you are distracted by financial worries, or just spending a substantial portion of your time earning a living in a way that doesn’t fully empower you to give your gifts to the world, then you’re caught in a trap.

It’s a common scenario, and well over half the people alive today are caught in this trap. Many people spend their entire lives searching for a way to make a living that is more satisfying, and makes a bigger positive impact in the world. Sadly, many people never find a way to express their soul’s deepest truth through the method by which they earn a living.

If you’ve already found your calling, hooray! I hope this book shows you a path to expand your positive impact and earn more money while you’re at it.

If you’re still searching for a career path, or a business model, that allows you to be your most authentic self in service to the greater good, then you’re definitely meant to be reading this book!

You just might find the clarity you’ve been looking for in the following pages.

In the course of working with thousands of changemakers, I’ve witnessed hundreds of ways that people get paid for changing the world. Some of them work better than others. Some methods will make a more profound positive difference. Some will lead to greater income.

I’ve covered what I believe are the 9 best ways you can get paid for changing the world. You are probably qualified to take one or more of these 9 paths, and succeed at a high level. You might even be qualified to combine several of these paths into one truly satisfying venture that is completely worthy of your time and devotion.

Reading this book will help you to understand what you are most qualified to do, what you would most love to do, and what it will take from you to be highly successful with your chosen path.

You might discover some totally new business venture that jazzes you up, or you may find ways to bring a much greater sense of purpose and meaning to the work that you’re already doing.

You will develop deep clarity on how to get paid extremely well, and how to make a lucrative career out of profound service to the world.

I struggled for many years to create these things for myself. I don’t want you to struggle like I did.

By choosing the right path that is a great fit for you and dedicating yourself to the journey, you can prevent years (maybe a lifetime) of struggle and find the deep joy and satisfaction that can only come from living your soul’s purpose and having financial security.

If you’ve been through a lot of disappointments up until this point, you may have difficulty believing that it’s ever going to happen for you. I know how that feels. There were points in my past where I felt like I would have to forgo my deeper calling to serve humanity in order to focus on paying the bills. At other times, I was certain that I would never manifest the level of financial abundance I wanted.

Actually, this describes the way I felt for the vast majority of my adult life. Fortunately, things have turned around radically for me, and I’ve manifested far more than I ever dreamed I would. I now serve thousands of changemakers around the world, empowering them to the best of my ability using my true talents, and I earn a high multiple six-figure income. I work long hours sometimes, but I absolutely love what I do.

I also have hundreds of satisfied clients from roughly 48 countries who have learned to get paid for changing the world, and they are making a great living following their highest calling.

It might sound cliché but it’s true… If I can do it, and if they can do it, so can you.

What Are The World’s Most Pressing Problems?

If you want to change the world, it’s important to start with a profound understanding of the fundamental problems we collectively face.

The colossal challenges we face can sometimes be overwhelming: rapidly accelerating species extinction, climate change, vast inequities, systemic racism, sexism, and every other “ism” imaginable, poverty, starvation, war, greed, immense pollution, the constant threat of nuclear annihilation, overflowing prisons, globalization and colonialism, rampant gun violence, immeasurable political corruption, violation of privacy, corporate control of our political systems and election processes, broken school systems, broken health care systems, toxic so-called “food” dominating our grocery store shelves, corporations exerting more and more control by privatizing things like water, human centric attitudes that lead to widespread disregard, abuse and exploitation of all nonhuman life forms, and I’m just getting started.

Sadly, those are just a few of the problems that came to mind while sitting down to write this. I didn’t need to get a PhD, or even do a Google search, to develop that list.

Problems of this magnitude can leave you feeling like one person couldn’t possibly dream of making a meaningful impact.

In the face of such daunting challenges, you might ask yourself, “Can I really make a difference?”

A more empowering question to ask is, “What kind of difference do I want to make?” ”