Best iPhone Meditation & Mindfulness Apps Reviewed 2018

Here I have reviewed the Best iPhone Meditation Apps of 2018

Have you ever tried meditating? This is a habit that you can learn without having to enroll for a class. If you have a busy schedule, all you need to get started is a mindfulness app through any of your digital devices.


A lot of meditation experts reveal that this technique can help you handle stress, anxiety or depression. It is also useful in regulating blood pressure and combating pain. If you have trouble sleeping, you can improve the quality of your sleep through a simple meditation app.


Getting started in meditation exercises can have an impact on both your physical and mental health. The number of meditation apps in the market is high even though some do not provide adequate information regarding how they work.


We conducted some tests to determine the best iPhone meditation apps for 2018 and came up with a list that forms part of our discussion today. We also examined their effectiveness by downloading all of them on both iPhone and Android versions.


Our tests also involved getting rid of all the apps that were frustrating in their user interfaces as well as those that failed to function as we expected. The long search helped us narrow down the best apps which we used to meditate. Here is our list.



Headspace-our favorite

If you are new to meditating, headspace app is at your service. It provides you with clear guidance and sequenced classes that outline meditation information. You will learn how you can calm your mind as you sit quietly.

It has an impressive design that makes it easy to navigate. It gives you an uncluttered homepage so that you have clear spaces for you to begin. The discover page is organized into different topics and coordinated using colors.

You get a free trial to test it out before you can purchase it. There is a basics pack that includes a short meditation for beginners. The courses you get from headspace are all scheduled according to different topics.

It gives you pro meditations which contain ten guided sessions that educate you on your well-being. Headspace gives you proper guidance as to where you should start with meditation. It feels like a class that has different levels of learning, the only difference being that you are not in an actual class.

The pro packs are suitable for advanced meditating. The single page of this app contains a meditation timer pro that is located under unguided and guided sections. An experienced meditator will not feel underwhelmed by headspace since it offers numerous options than most of the apps.

You will notice that the sessions vary when it comes to the duration. Some are five minutes others longer so that you maximize the app as per your free time. Some of the short sessions include restoring and unwinding.

Unlike most iPhone apps, the “everyday” headspace feature in this app is adjustable. The rest do not have an option for you to adjust the timing of “everyday” feature. Take advantage of the discover page to add meditation packs to prevent confusion in choosing content.

You will love the cute illustrations that welcome you to the app. You can also access singles to use during emergencies such when angry, anxious or stressed. Cool right?


  • The organization reduces confusion
  • It is ideal for both beginners and meditation enthusiast
  • It is long term
  • Provides a lot of options making it versatile
  • Gives you sessions in different durations


  • The narrator has a British accent that may not be clear to some users
  • The trial is also limited


The attractive design and numerous sessions of this iPhone app make it a suitable app that we would recommend for anyone. Subscribe to headspace today and unlock a lot of content for a better meditation experience.



Calm-has sleeping guidance

Are you familiar with the basics of meditation? Take your skill to the next level by getting this app which gives you open-ended meditation sessions. Calm provides you with different meditation options and sequencing.

The sessions in this app last for at least ten minutes. This is limiting if you don’t have a lot of time for mindfulness practice. It, however, gives you the liberty to increase the timer and provides a bubble visualization for breathing. Feel free to customize this feature as you select convenient breath counts.

Calm also offers you meditation music in one provided section. Unlike other iPhone apps, this gives you sleep stories that allow you to relax listening to some soothing voice. This can help you manage sleep anxiety as you get past any sleeping problems.

Many people have problems while signing up to this iPhone app. The instructions are not clear regarding your options on a full subscription. It is unfortunate that most users report that it gets annoying to cancel the app through the app store.

With this app, you can stream it offline thus saving you internet charges. The integration of “Apple Health” monitors your meditation duration.


  • It offers you sleep guidance such as sleep stories
  • It provides you with music tracks
  • The breathing bubble allows you to choose breath counts
  • It keeps track of your meditation habit


  • It does not have clearly laid out courses
  • Some users report that the narrator keeps on disrupting your session.


Though calm has some misleading information in signing up, most people who have used to meditate like its unique features. If you need open-ended classes, you can find them on this app.



10% happier-offers a chart feature

Get this app that uses meditation experts to give you every detail you need for an awesome meditation experience. Unlike most iPhone apps, this gives you room to interact with the teacher thanks to the chart feature.

Just as the name suggests, this app teaches you how to achieve happiness through meditating. This app promises to enhance your work, health, and relationship. It contains seven-sessions which act as the introduction to meditation.

Each session has a brief video that has a guided meditation that concentrates on mindfulness awareness. There are short sessions such as tooth brushing that can form part of your routine. According to the teachers, happiness is a skill that you can learn through meditating.

It was developed by Dan Harris who is a journalist and meditation teacher. He came up with this app as well as a book after suffering from a panic attack which he got over through meditation. The app features advice in breathing exercises such as “ten proper breaths”. The teachers also concentrate on emotional challenges that cause stress and educate you on mindfulness techniques.

10% happier is ideal for anyone who does not believe in the power of meditation. The audio meditations can also help you deal with anxiety. It is also useful for other activities such as sleeping and walking. You will even get interviews between the founder and other meditation experts who educate you more on how it works.


  • It contains a lot of limited features.
  • The chart feature is unique among iPhone apps
  • The app gives you a lot of information from meditation experts
  • It is compatible with different devices such as Android, iPhone, and iPad.


The approach used in the app is not the best as the founder talks a lot about himself instead of helping you meditate.



10% happier provides room for the non-believers of meditation.  Get your premium subscription by paying $7.99 monthly.



Stop breathe and think (SBT)-ideal for elders

This app encourages you to stop and check your breathing. The intention is to confirm how you are feeling at the moment so that you can learn the importance of paying attention to your thoughts. From the app, you get more textual information regarding how to cultivate self-compassion and kindness.

It also involves some short activities that are geared towards tuning your emotions. According to experts, mindful breathing creates space for your thoughts and reactions. This app allows you to strengthen your inner peace and enhance your perspective through different meditation activities.

It contains a lot of customization tools that are convenient to use. You get a short survey that can speculate your moods to guide you through meditation according to your feelings. It collects emotional data and selects for you the best mindful exercise as per your state of mind.

SBT has a quirky illustration that is appealing to most youngsters and a universal personalized touch. The meditation app contains 30 activities including a body scan that helps you acknowledge your body’s sensation.

If you subscribe for the premium package, you get access to 70 advanced exercises that contain acupressure videos and yoga sessions. The videos teach you how to make use of pressure points to facilitate the relaxation of joints thus, minimizing any pain in your body.

This app also contains beginner sessions and some specifically for children and elders. You get more than 20 meditation audios for free with each session lasting for up to 20 minutes. Some of the audios have chimes which may be ringing sounds of a bell or nature sounds. This can help people with insomnia or depression feel better.

You will notice a section that is marked as “my progress.” This contains useful graphs and charts that monitor how many days you checked in the app. It also monitors weekly progress and gives you the total time you have been using to meditate.


  • You can focus on your sensation using this app
  • It has different customization tools
  • The design is appealing
  • It gives you a recommendation on the best meditation as per your self-report
  • It acts as a mood tracker


  • It lacks guidelines for newcomers in the field
  • The app does not engage you completely


This app gives you different meditations for your meditation practice. There is an introductory text that is geared towards helping beginners enjoy the app. We, however, wish it was more engaging in giving us features such as a chart section instead of only using text. Most people like the overall design of this app since it has clear audios and attractive graphics. You can get the app at $ 6.99 for your monthly subscription.



Smiling mind-suitable for an entire family

Meditation apps are not only limited to adults. This app was created to benefit children and young teens going through challenging moments. It offers meditation sessions that are divided into different age groups for you to select what is convenient for you.

The start-up design is simple to use making it suitable for starters. We like the way the narrator welcomes you to the app by explaining the scientific benefits of practicing mindfulness. This app involves activities such as visualization and breathing exercises.

It can benefit children as they understand more about their feelings and manage their emotions. This meditation can also help teens transitioning from one educational level to the next and start making plans for the future. The app contains pre-emptive techniques to impact on your life positively.

As an adult, you can also make use of this app utilizing topics such as mindful eating, listening skills, and mindful commuting. Unlike other apps that charge you, you can get this app for free. It comes from an Australian NGO that aims at improving your well-being at no costs. Feel free to download this app from the app store for any of your devices.


  • You get it for free
  • It is not biased to children and teenagers


  • There is a lot of technical language in the narration
  • Using a repetitive background sound may make it monotonous


Smiling minds suits more learners of meditation than those who are already experts to it since there are limited practices for professionals. The children’s program makes it a unique meditation app that is easy to understand and use due to a straightforward structure.

It provides basic knowledge that makes it age appropriate for anyone over seven years. If the producer could switch off the background sound, it could be a comfortable meditation app to use. Users also report that some meditations have an abrupt ending which is not a stronghold.



Buddhify-suitable for pro meditators

This app comes as a colorful disc that contains different segments. Every class includes meditation and mindful exercise to widen the scope. Your personalized wheel allows you to add or remove some meditation sessions so that you can remain organized and prevent confusion while using the app.

If you don’t like long, boring sessions, you will enjoy the duration allocated to each category of Buddhify. This caters for people who have busy schedules. Some of the themed practices include walking as you remain mindful of each step and “work break” to help you relax as you work. Its design allows you to slot it into your daily routine.

It has six different meditation sessions that last for at least 30 minutes. The app gives you a meditation timer which you can only use with meditation experience since it does not offer guidelines which monitors your meditation activities.


  • It provides you with mindfulness practice that you can apply in various situations
  • The graphic design is appealing
  • You get a reasonable cost


  • The meditation timer does not come with instructions. This can demotivate users.
  • There is no a free trial for the app.


Buddhify gives you an appealing design that makes meditation a relaxing affair. You can use this app in various daily situations to calm down. If you already have primary knowledge on how to meditate, this will help you. You can also use it if you are going through emotional distress.

Newcomers may, however, find this challenging since they don’t offer any guidelines or motivation encouragement to the programs.



The mindfulness app– has reminders

Most users who have tried meditation apps complain that most of them are either too short or too long. The mindfulness app solves that problem by giving you sessions that can be as short as 3 minutes and as long as 30 minutes. You, therefore, get a choice of how long you want to meditate.

It offers a program that lasts for 21 days for you to use daily. Some reminders allow you to concentrate on your breathing for at least 15 minutes.  Use the pause button to control your breathing. The app also contains an insight timer to help you focus.

This is not biased to a particular group since everyone can benefit from the app regardless of your meditation level. The app contains guided instructions for five days that have different durations. You also get reminders as well as statistics to allow you to remain focused on meditating.

The library is full of different courses and premium meditations that can teach you a lot regarding your physical wellness such as enhancing your immune system. It also contains different breathing meditations as well challenges to inspire you.


  • You get diverse features such as reminders and timers
  • There are different meditation levels to accommodate everyone
  • You can learn new activities to help you relax such as deep breathing techniques


  • The structure can be confusing if you lack a meditation experience.


The mindfulness app aims at enhancing your connection with others and yourself.  Your annual subscriptions will cost use $ 59.99 including a free trial for one month. Alternatively, you can get a monthly subscription at $ 9.99. As a premium subscriber, you receive at least 200 meditation sessions that cover different topics such as focus and calmness.


What is the criteria for getting the best iPhone meditation app?

The market has a lot of meditation apps that promise to help you in reducing stress and pain. It can be confusing to distinguish which one may be effective for you and which one is not since these apps don’t have scientific backing.  Even though this may be the case, the following criteria can help you choose the right app.

The number of options

Your meditation app should not limit you to specific opportunities. It should contain numerous features that satisfy different needs. Its functions should be open to both a novice who needs some guided work as well as a seasoned meditator.

You can look for options such as a meditation timer, and a bonus perk. The meditation lengths should vary from short classes to long ones.

Beginner courses

A good meditation app does not assume that everybody is conversant with the skill. There should be well-structured courses for beginners. This allows any newcomer to start forming the meditation habit without dropping it after the first days. These courses should not be too long such that they overwhelm any newcomer.

Impressive design

An app should not feel like a chore due to a bad design. Get one that has a simple plan in its presentation and use. This ensures that it relaxes your mind and puts you in a state of mindfulness.

Free trial

Meditation apps for iPhones should provide trial periods so that you don’t waste your hard-earned finances on one that is not effective.  Get one with this option so that you can test it for free before the provider charges your card.


Compatible with different devices

A convenient app should be accessible through various devices such as iPhone, iPad, and tablets. Get one that you download through iOS or such Android devices so that it does not limit you.

Additional features

The features in meditation apps are not the same. Some include relaxation methods like yoga instructions and musical tracks. An app that gives you an option of using it offline can save you a lot of internet charges.


Which app is the best among these?

From the above, it is clear that headspace stands out as the best iPhone meditation App for 2018. It has an approachable voice-over, a suitable structure, and a colorful design. The app uses different animations to elaborate meditation techniques.


Though you can go for the free package, subscribing to the app gives you diverse meditating options for a greater experience. It is also accommodating regardless of how conversant you are with meditation skills. See why we call it the best?