17 Secrets of Binaural Beats: Holosync vs Lifeflow Review

How Meditating with these Programs Has Enabled Me to Recover and Grow


In this article I will share with you:

  • My story of years of repeated failure
  • How that was followed by great success, and why
  • How to use brainwave entrainment meditation to really empower yourself
  • What program I advise that you avoid, because it’s dangerous (and expensive)
  • The 17 secret benefits I’ve received from meditating using binaural beats
  • And, my most useful insights into what to do and how to do it.

The information contained in this article, a six-to-seven-minute read, is likely to change your life, as it has thousands of others who have read it since 2010.


You’re probably wondering whether to buy Holosync or not.

Well, I first discovered Holosync in 2010, and was impressed as it changed my life month by month.

It’s the most popular brainwave entrainment program on the market but I found personally that it can cause terrible periods of overwhelm (see comparison table below for more info..).

It’s still considered a quality program that has helped many. But it’s not safe for all.

So is it good enough to justify the cost and time investment?

Read on to where I reveal my secrets, account my experience and compare the programs, using over three years from 2010-2013.

You will benefit from reading.


Why Listen to Me? (pssst: I’m a Binaural Beats Expert.)

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

My name is David Foley and I’m a personal growth and spiritual practise advocate; I’ve been so since when I first had had a bout of depression in 1998. I strongly believe in working on yourself in order to cultivate health and happiness. I’ve been meditating since 1999 when I learnt the TM (Transcendental Meditation) technique and between 1999-2010 I used the TM technique to meditate, and benefitted greatly from this practise.

I’m also a meditation teacher and an expert in the field of meditating with brainwave entrainment/binaural beats technology. I created the YouTube channel hiuplight meditation some years ago, which contains a collection of popular binaural beats meditation videos that I made for fun in 2010-2012 using various software packages. The channel videos have around 1.5 million or more views at this time.

I engineered and composed all of the audios for the excellent Beyond Meditation iOS App.

I also run the “Source” meditation and personal growth group in my local town which is open for anyone to drop in to on any given week. We meditate as a group and also use and discuss material from the likes of Alan Watts, Ken Wilber, Bill Harris, Osho, Eckhart Tolle, David Stringer, Abraham-Hicks, etc.

In 1998 I graduated from University College Dublin at the age of 23 with first-class honours (Masters’ Degree in Computing) and worked in many small and large companies as a Software Engineer between the ages 21 to 33. Now I live in rural Ireland and am self-employed as a freelance technology consultant, working with companies at home and abroad.

I read and enjoy the writings of many authors in the genres of psychology, spirituality and awakening of consciousness. Authors I enjoy most are Alan Watts, Ram Daas, Mooji, Eckhart Tolle, Ken Wilber, Charles Eisenstein, David Singer.

I like, now and again, to spend time on spiritual retreats; including meditation, mindfulness, yoga, hiking. I enjoy surfing and foreign travel and exploring foreign cultures and languages. I also spend time in Buddhist centres and in ashrams in India, Ireland, Spain, UK and Portugal (though I’m not a buddhist, I just like to chill and meditate).

Great Changes Still Happening

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 13.25.53I still meditate daily and have experienced great changes in my life, but after some consideration I moved on from using Holosync to instead use Lifeflow. I just became too fed up with being incapacitated, often strung-out from overwhelm from it’s use.

Lifeflow has higher production quality – amazing ambient audios (different for each level), I’ve had no overwhelm from using it (you won’t either, and it’s also much cheaper.

I hope you find that this account of my experience inspires you to get meditating with one of these programs, or another program of your choosing, so you can experience too some of the benefits that I’ve had.

I will also talk about what I have found to be the real secret to success with these audio programs, a principle that has been the foundation stone of all my growth. If you merely adopt this simple guidance on its own without doing anything else, it will help you to be effective at and to enjoy the process of improving your life.

Much Lower Depression and Anxiety

I have found binaural beats technology such as Lifeflow and Holosync to be the fastest, easiest and most effective way to recover from depression and to grow as a person. For me it’s the most effective personal growth methodology available.

Daily meditation using these programs has been the largest catalyst which has changed and healed me from being foggy, confused, exhausted and miserable – often barely wanting nor able to get out of bed, to being energetic and clear-minded, able to cope, work and socialise, and it’s given me the strength to build upon my growth.

I also like that every few weeks I look back at 2-3 months previous and realize that now I am happier, I can see retrospectively that the benefits are cumulative, each growth spurt building on the last.

binaural beats

Thirteen Years of Hell – Then Real Recovery

I spent over thirteen years in a “personal hell”, from the ages of 20 to 33 living with severe, chronic depression and anxiety. I tried everything to recover from it, from faith healers, spiritual and energy healers, holistic therapies, self-help books and seminars, counsellors, psychotherapists, traditional meditation, herbal supplements and even pretty questionable brain zappers.

None of the treatments benefited me significantly though, and hope always quickly turned to disappointment, and I was back to living a life of misery and desperation. I was reliant on seeing a psychiatrist, and on taking a high dose of prescription drugs (anti-depressants, tranquilizers and lithium) to be able to function at all, and even with this minor life events would send me into a bad emotional tailspin.

But I always kept up hope that I would find something that would set me on the road to recovery. I was so desperate that I was literally willing to try anything even if I was skeptical.

Then through a friend, who is also into personal growth, I bought Holosync and used it for a year. Initially I got pretty good results with it, despite often being in a state of confusion and emotional overwhelm. As I moved through the levels however, the very low frequencies that it uses created intense overwhelm which lasted weeks at a time. So I had to quit using it.

Nonetheless, I was encouraged by the boost that I got from it in the first while, so I researched some more products online, taking one step further and buying the first level of what I learned is the most effective and crucially, the safest, meditation program on the market – LifeFlow from Project Meditation.


Rocket-Powered Personal Growth

LifeFlow is a ten-track meditation program that uses combinations of low frequency binaural beats and isochronic tone audio and beat patterns to produce specific low brainwave patterns, alpha, theta and delta waves – i.e. deep meditation. You listen to track 10 first (low alpha waves), then after a month move on to track 9 and so on. Each track “down” produces a deeper meditation and expands your awareness further.

I find it is very relaxing and pleasurable to listen to – it stimulates the production of the brain’s energizing and healing “reward center” neurotransmitters Endorphins, Dopamine and also Human Growth Hormone (HGH) as well as Serotonin. As well as being a great relaxer and energy-booster during the day, I find that it’s excellent before sleeping, helping me to really wind down and drift off, especially if I’m going to bed with a “busy” head.

By listening for forty minutes per day, using headphones and closing my eyes and focusing on the sound, I experience an extremely deep meditative state when I use it.

This meditative state is so deep that it is supposedly comparable to the deep levels of meditation that seasoned meditators like Yogi achieve after a long time practicing traditional meditation.

The great thing is that you don’t even need to know anything about meditation to use it, all you need to do to reap the benefits is sit or lie back and enjoy being in a let-go flow state and relaxing deeply.

This is an ideal meditation tool for beginners who know nothing about how to meditate, as the audio on the soundtracks creates the deep meditative effect, even if you’re wandering off in thought as you use it.

I find that accelerated positive effect of this deep meditation on the brain and body, on my mental, emotional and physical health is significant, and I found that the benefits began for me very quickly.

Striking Gold…Big Time!

Let me tell you some more of my story so you can see if you identify with me.

From the age of fourteen or so I could sense that something was wrong. I always felt ill-at-ease with myself, always felt uncomfortable, and wanting something outside of myself to “make me feel good”. I felt inadequate, especially in social situations, and regularly felt anxious and fearful even though really looking back there was nothing to be afraid of.

I was quite bright, and started university when I was just seventeen. But after four years in college, even though I did quite well academically, I was totally depressed. I had broken up with a girlfriend, and I was drinking heavily and using drugs.

It went further downhill after I left university, and I ended up in a psychiatric hospital for the first time at the age of 23. I had to take six months off from my job as an engineer in a software company to recover so as I was able to sit in front of a computer again.

From this point, over twelve years ago, I became dependent on anti-depressants and tranquilizers. My life was total misery, even when on very high doses of these drugs. I relapsed into deep depressions too many times to count. I was to need hospitalization in psychiatric wards three more times up until 2005.

I started on the road to personal growth in a big way after the last hospitalization in 2005. My family were so worried about me that I vowed to myself to do whatever I could to try to recover.

I read books, attended seminars, went to healers and therapists, took herbal remedies, tried exercise and dieting, even tried electronic brain zappers in order to try to gain emotional balance.

But still I was totally miserable. Even though I was on high doses of medication I still felt anxious, sad, lonely and guilty and was always exhausted. I had zero confidence. I was totally incapable of enjoying life. The drugs left me feeling clouded and lethargic. I couldn’t think straight or focus. I was always worried that I would end up destitute and feared that I would end up on social welfare all my life, as I couldn’t work. I also looked terrible and was forty pounds overweight.

Through luck, persistence and the constant search for solutions I found Holosync and then later LifeFlow. I was skeptical at first as I had read big promises and sales pitches about lots of products. But this seemed different. I researched the science behind brainwave entrainment and it made sense to me how it worked in exercising the brain and peeling back layers of repression to reveal the innate capacity for joy that each one of us has.

I knew my brain was functioning poorly and this, if it worked, seemed to offer a possible solution. When I bought it I started to use it every day. After just a week I could feel that something was happening. It was so subtle but yet so powerful.

After two or three weeks of using it I was starting to cautiously entertain the idea that I might have found the most powerful tool for healing and growth that I’d experienced so far in my life.

Subtle things were different, and I felt unlike I had for years. I had a new energy, and I felt sharper mentally.

The fog that I had been under for years was beginning to lift, very noticeably so. I felt more at ease talking to people, and felt chilled-out and unusually optimistic about life.

I honestly thought that I would always be depressed, but now I rarely am, because (1) many aspects of my psyche which were repressed and buried out of view were brought to the surface through it’s use and (2) I now have the heightened awareness to know that I can choose to be happy, and I have the clarity of mind and awareness to make choices that help me maintain happiness.

For example, I finally could clearly see the damage that even minimal use of alcohol and drugs has on my life, so now I choose to stay well away. I also am able to choose to maintain good habits, such as daily walking in nature, and even maintaining regular yoga or chi gong, that I would never have done before. And these new habits are easy to maintain, unlike before, before awareness, vision and insight were lacking in my life.

These choices feel intuitive, and good, because they’re backed by powerful awareness. There have been many other changes and growth areas in my life that are backed by the awareness that deep meditation with Lifeflow gives me.

Now I feel heightened sense of freedom and joy, have started a successful business, have great energy and zest for life, and am finally excited, with a new sense of adventure and wonder. I have come to see mine and others’ true selves – that of love. What a gift!

All of the Benefits You’ll Receive, In a Nutshell..


Here are some of the many benefits I’ve received from using LifeFlow:

  • It helps you to regulate sleep quickly (if I sleep to little or sleep too much it helps with both)
  • It helps you to regulate eating patterns (I think that overweight people will lose weight). It also de-represses repressed emotions in the body, enabling fast weight loss
  • Helps you create improvements in my focus and concentration
  • Your problem-solving ability is enhanced, things that were previously difficult I found became easier
  • Your productivity at work will go up, a lot
  • Playfulness, fun and laughter are back in my life on a daily basis
  • Your creativity and artistic ability will be greatly heightened
  • Your earning ability is improved immensely (when I started using it I was flat broke and on Social Assistance, but then I started my own successful business, just 12 months later, and in the worst economic conditions imaginable!)
  • It can quickly lower your stress
  • Greatly improves your awareness and therefore quality of life
  • Your confidence in yourself will sky-rocket.
  • Your communication and relational ability will greatly improve, fostering great relationships with family and friends
  • Both practically and spiritually, it helps you create a sense of being connected to existence (a part of, rather than apart from/separate from everything else).
  • Your tolerance levels will increase. Things which used to annoy me or “get up my nose” no longer do.
  • Your intuition will be enhanced, and continue to grow.
  • Your inner peace, serenity and capacity for joy will grow and continue to grow.
  • Your physical body will strengthen. I put this down to the increase in HGH (human growth factor) which is a youth hormone which is produced in deep meditation.


binaural beats

My Secret to Long-Term Success with This or Anything Else

My secret to long-term success with this technology has been persistent use and consistent use.

Persistent use means that I keep using it long-term and progressing through the levels.

Consistent use means that I use it every day, within reason.

Some people often show a lack of persistence, and discontinue use after a few days or weeks, robbing themselves of a chance for an amazing journey of growth and happiness.

Some will also show a lack of consistency and use it but only in a patchy way, maybe once or twice a week.

Many people fall short, only a few metres away from discovering gold, by inconsistency and lack of persistence. These two qualities of persistence and consistency are the hallmarks of every successful person you will ever meet.

I have consciously chosen to attain success by using it every day and using it long-term, and I’m reaping great benefit. I’ve come to view it the same way as brushing my teeth, I just use it every day without thinking about it.

I find that growth is progressive, with each growth stage building upon the last to improve my life as I continue to grow on all levels (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical health, awareness) through daily use.


Quick Comparison Table of Holosync versus Lifeflow

For those of you who were thinking of buying, here’s a table comparing each program on all fronts.

Holosync® LifeFlow®
Causes Emotional Overwhelm/Upheaval: Causes very intense and tough periods of emotional upheaval and overwhelm Causes little if any upheaval
Suitable for those with a history of mental/emotional difficulties: Not suitable at all Very suitable
Sound technology: Binaural beats only Binaural beats, Monaural tones, Isochronic tones (12 layers)
Cost of full series: Approx $3000 $670 max ($67 per level maximum)
Background sounds: Each level has the same standard rain soundtrack Each level has a unique ambient soundtrack (these are truly amazing!)
Effectiveness: Effective series New sound technology makes LifeFlow the most effective on the market
Satisfaction guarantee: Money back only on the first level (Awakening Prologue) Money back on any level
Product support: Lifetime support Lifetime support
User Support Forum: No support forum for users Active support forum for users

You will find that Lifeflow is much better value overall, and I prefer the light, spacious feeling it gives me when using it.

The Final Juice…

Holosync got me started, but LifeFlow suits me better – I get deeper meditations, much less upheaval and emotional overwhelm and it’s also only about one quarter the cost.

Overwhelm and questionable safety of the product is, in my view, the major Achilles heel of Holosync.

Lifeflow takes 40 minutes per day, whilst Holosync takes one hour which I found too much. Also, you can download it, which you cannot with Holosync as they only ship physical CD’s.

Project Meditation’s Lifeflow program is fantastic. I heartily recommend it.  Click here to go to their site: https://www.project-meditation.org/

Or Get the amazing free program Ollie created here 

I wish you the best on your journey.