Quit Smoking (in Ireland) Without NRT or Any Withdrawal

Quit Smoking (in Ireland) Without Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) and Without Withdrawal

Smoking is a notoriously difficult problem to deal with using conventional methods such as hypnosis, patches, gum, e-cigarettes etc, because smokers are drug addicts.Smoking girl 2


Initially, the addiction to nicotine was probably a strategy developed out of curiosity or maybe as a social enhancer to feel grown-up.


But now your nicotine addiction is probably even more complex than that because over the years you’ve become more conditioned than you ever were about the benefits of smoking through cultural brainwashing, plus you’ve probably developed a number of triggers and emotional attachments to smoking that daily life throws at you, e.g. with coffee or tea, first thing in the morning, after meals, etc.


For you to stop smoking and stay stopped all aspects of the drug addiction must be dealt with, i.e. all of the physical, emotional and event triggers plus the very powerful social and cultural mind conditioning that many of us fall prey to about the perceived benefits of smoking.

Conventional quit smoking methods have a low success rate because even if each problem is dealt with many times, it can still remain stuck in the emotional and cognitive mind.

Smoking girl 1What’s required is a method that permanently removes each rational and emotional attachment to smoking and removes all of the destructive social and cultural brainwashing by dealing with it effectively, once. Deal with these issues effectively once, and the problem can be done with, permanently.


So, have you personally tried to quit smoking before? Or have you lost count of how many times you’ve tried? How long have you managed to go without cigarettes? A few days? A couple of weeks? Maybe even a month or two?


If so, then I know exactly what you’re going through. If you’re like me, the story of your attempts to quit go something like this:


First, you can’t stop thinking about smoking. You can’t concentrate on work, you can’t relax at home. The crutch you used to prop you up during the hard times is gone. The treat you rewarded yourself with during times of relaxation is gone. The hard times are harder and the good times don’t seem quite as sweet.


If you’re like most people, you last for a few days or even a few weeks, but eventually your willpower and good intentions meet their limit and you give in. You light up and you instantly regret it. You can’t understand why you did it but you’re already on the slippery slope to becoming a full-blown smoker again.


Until now, the usual path to becoming smoke free involves lots of willpower, weeks or months of withdrawal, irritability, depression, anxiety, mood-swings and feeling like life will never be enjoyable again without your old “friend”.


So, many attempts can and do end in failure.


Just when you need it most, your willpower deserts you.


Sure, quitting can be relatively easy, but staying quit, that’s the real challenge.
That’s why you’re here right? You want to quit – and stay quit – period.


Inside you must know that there must be an easier way. Well, what if I told you there is; it’s not only easy, it’s enjoyable! It’s my powerful stop smoking method.


I’ve been a full-time EFT therapist for many years.


EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. In the right hands, Emotional Freedom Technique can work wonders on emotional problems, physical problems and even the most chronic of addictions.


Over the years I’ve developed and perfected what I believe to be the easiest, fastest and most painless program for quitting smoking, that even leading figures in the global EFT community are taking notice of.


I’ve followed up with my clients, and calculated that my system has an easy 95% success rate.


I call it the Ultimate Smoke-Free method (or USF for short).


The Ultimate Smoke Free method is fast, easy and enjoyable.


It involves no pain or suffering and works every time.


Even if you’re a committed, lifetime smoker.


It also works if you’re addicted to any nicotine replacement such as vaping, gum or patches.


I have seen firsthand the entire range of problems people have when trying to quit and over the past few years


I have helped hundreds of people to easily overcome all of the many challenges that they faced and now they are all non-smokers who don’t miss nicotine at all.


They don’t crave nicotine nor use any substitutes. They just get on with life now free from the deadly nicotine slave master.


My method is like nothing you’ve seen before and it’s very effective, hence an excellent success rate to date with clients in my practice.


With USF, I successfully deal with all of your issues relating to smoking, the physical withdrawal, the brainwashing and all of the emotional attachments.


Smoking is an addiction with deep emotional attachment and removing these attachments ensures success.


My method addresses these issues directly, and over the years the incredible results speak for themselves.


So, I’ve decided to make it available to you, because I’ve seen that conventional methods for quitting mostly result in failure.


These traditional quit smoking aids such as vaping, nicotine gum, patches, acupuncture, e-cigarettes and so on completely misunderstand the insidious nature of smoking.


This addiction has two main components, 1) the physical addiction, this is the easy part to address. Traditional quit smoking methods address this side of smoking.


These treatments do not deal with the emotional aspects of quitting smoking. These are the engrained mind and emotional processes that trigger you to crave nicotine in certain situations and this aspect of smoking is the one that’s most difficult to address.


Traditional methods ignore this and so have a very high relapse rate.


My Ultimate Smoke Free system removes both the physical addiction and the emotional addiction and addresses all of the unhelpful brainwashing that society at large has conditioned us to believe about smoking so that you no longer need nor want to light up, nor do you suffer or feel deprived in any way.


In fact, you’ll feel great! Healthier, stronger, happier, richer and no longer a slave to nicotine.


Did I also say that there are no withdrawal symptoms? i.e. no cravings, irritability or mood swings.


You’ll will be the master of your life again.


You’ll be free again!


With USF, there are no pills, patches, vapour or gum, no irritation, no edginess, no nervousness and no desire to comfort eat.


In one or two sessions, USF will remove 100% of your cravings for smoking and remove all of the brainwashing and emotional attachments too.


USF deals with all of your triggers:

  • First thing in the morning
  • When drinking
  • With Tea and Coffee
  • After meals
  • When driving
  • When you’re anxious
  • When you’re relaxed and want to reward yourself


With Ultimate Smoke-Free we quickly remove:

  • All urges and cravings for nicotine
  • The need for smoking in all areas of your life.


Quitting smoking will be one of your greatest achievements. Imagine: The return of your confidence, improved health, major financial savings, improved self-image, FREEDOM!


Here are some testimonials from real clients of mine who have kicked smoking:

“I have smoked for the last 42 years from when I was 15 years old, smoking 30 cigarettes a day. I tried 5 different methods to stop smoking. I was advised to contact Tommy Brady and after one session I was a non-smoker. No cravings, no withdrawal symptoms. Even when I am in the company of smokers I have no desire to smoke. I am very happy to be a member of the Non-Smokers-Club for the past few years.”
– David M


Here’s another:
“I am a 32 year old mother of two children, I started smoking at the age of 13 I had made several attempts to quit, without success. Six months ago, I watched in horror as my 3 year old daughter picked up half a cigarette that was lying on the footpath and put it in her mouth. This was the last straw – not alone was I endangering my own health but I was passing the habit onto my daughter. Tommy was recommended to me as being very successful in helping people to stop smoking. I made and appointment and after 2 visits I am very proud to say I am a non-smoker. I just want to say thanks very much to Tommy and his USF Method.”
– Sandra Mc.


I help people like you, from all over the world to quit smoking.


Sessions are conducted over Skype or at my clinic in Cavan, Ireland.


So if you want to break free from your smoking habit for good click below and we’ll get you started on a new chapter of your life.


Just imagine how you’ll feel when your self-confidence returns, your health and self-image improve, you have more money in your pocket, and you can take pride in your achievement of quitting smoking.


To get started, drop me a line below.