How to do Transcendantal Méditation (TM) – A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Meditate using the Transcendantal Méditation (TM) Technique

Transcendantal Méditation – it Costs $2000+ to learn in a TM™ Center.

Here it is for free. 🙂

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Benefits of TM include:

1. Stress relief
2. Higher work efficiency
3. Better school performance
4. Healthy blood pressure
5. Lower risk of heart disease
6. Quitting smoking
7. Alcoholism treatment
8. Hyperactivity (ADHD) treatment
9. Healthy relationships
10. Improved intelligence

Transcendantal Méditation (TM) was developed by the Indian guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the 1950’s and popularized in the 1960’s when it came to the west (i.e. California).

The Maharishi was the guru that the Beatles were hanging out with in India, when they were exploring spiritual practice and the expansion of consciousness.

TM is based on sitting silently and using a mantra which is repeated in the mind and gently focused on. To learn TM properly you could go to your nearest Transcendantal Méditation center and pay to learn it there where you get expert personal one-on-one tuition and guidance from an experienced tutor who has studied at the Maharishi place where you get an education.

For those who cannot afford it or who don’t have a TM center nearby here is a step by step guide.

Here we go:

1. Switch off phones etc, and make sure you will be undisturbed for twenty five minutes or so. You will need a timer of some sort or have a watch or a clock nearby.

2. Sit quietly with eyes closed, feet on the floor. Hands can sit on your lap, just make sure you are comfortable.

3. The mantra is “Shiring” – this is more of a “sound” than a word. Often it is two syllables, “Shi” and “ring”. Allow the mantra to gently come gently into your mind.

4. Repeat the mantra in your mind without force or effort. Allow it to circle in your mind at any frequency that it wants to.

5. If you notice that you have drifted off in thought, then gently bring your attention back to repeating the mantra.

6. If any difficult thoughts or feelings arise, simply let them go without any force or judgment and come back to the mantra in your mind.

7. Continue like this for twenty minutes. Check on your watch or clock or wait until your timer tells you that twenty minutes have passed.

8. When twenty minutes have passed stop repeating the mantra in your mind, and sit quietly without repeating the mantra for two more minutes before coming back into the world by opening your eyes.

Your meditation session should feel pleasurable, relaxing and charming. If not then you are probably trying too hard. Just relax and let go.

TM is usually practiced for twenty minutes twice a day, but practicing it once a day or irregularly is also very beneficial.

This is a very effective meditation technique for mental health, physical health, relaxation, self-love, awareness and growth.

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