Monaural Tones as a Brainwave Entrainment Method

Monaural tones are sometimes used to effect brainwave entrainment. Brainwave entrainment uses sound to change moods and thinking to achieve various goals. Just as music can alter your thoughts, with the right sound sparking tears for some, the use of monaural tones can help you to achieve your personal and spiritual growth goals by activating areas of the brain and releasing unconscious material (emotions, memories, potentials) previously dormant.

What Are Monaural Beats?

Binaural beats were the first type of brain entrainment beats discovered. That happened in 1839. With binaural beats, there are two different tones occurring at the same time, one in each ear separately. The tones are slightly different frequencies. When this is done, the effect occurs within the brain. On the other hand, with monaural beats, the effect is produced within the ears instead.

The neural output from the ears produces the effect. It is created in what is called the olivary body located in the brain. It occurs as the brain tries to locate the direction that the sound is coming from. This creates a different effect in brainwave entrainment.

To create them, two tones are used at different frequencies. You will not need to listen to these tones using headphones, though this is recommended for better results. You can listen to these tones through speakers. That is because the two tones mix before they reach and enter into your ear. This is one of the biggest differences in these beats compared to binaural beats.

Which Is Better?

The use of monaural beats is not new. In fact, some people will say that these tones are a better option for brain entrainment than the use of binaural beats. That is because monaural beats tend to be easier on the brain overall. These beats, though, seem to have a substantive, stronger effect on the brain. This may be because monaural beats require less time for the brain to adjust to the tones. This means you can invest less time into the process to get the results you are looking for (of course, quality time counts).

Keep in Mind

In order to be effective, monaural beats need to be clear. In other words, if there is any outside noise, this can skew the effect. That means that when you are using this type of entrainment process, it is best to have a quiet environment to do so. This ensures no background noise will interfere with the tones.

The Benefits of Monaural Beats

Most people do not experience the full extent of the benefits of monaural beats, or any type of brain entrainment, the first time they use it. Do not give up on it too soon. When used effectively, this method can be highly beneficial for various uses.

  • Meditation may be easier to enter into.
  • It is possible to enter a state of acceptance.
  • You may be able to enter a deep trance state.
  • Improving memories from the past may be possible.
  • Creating a more creative mindspace to achieve more creative output is possible.

Some even say that the use of monaural beats can help to give them more clairvoyance or help them better to remember previous lives.

The use of monaural beats is worthwhile to anyone who is experiencing benefits from other forms of brainwave entrainment.  Programs like Project Meditation Lifeflow (but not Bill Harris’ one) extensively use monaural beats in their program. This is a safe method to alter your state and to create a more enjoyable and expansive existence.