What can Genius Brain Power Do for You – Smarter? Gain Peace?

Genius Brain Power is a brainwave entrainment meditation program that promises to assist individuals in expanding their mind and to unleash it’s awesome capabilities. It allows individuals to gain the intelligence level of a genius and you do not have to do all of the studying and hard work that usually comes with the process. The company promises that with this program, you will quickly and easily train the brain for improved clarity and power. You can do so right away using the company’s downloadable programs to get the program instantly right on your MP3 player.

What It Promises

Genius Brain Power is highly effective. Though it may not be as well known as other programs such as Project Meditation Lifeflow, it provides the same methodology as some of the leading (and most expensive) brain entrainment programs available. However, it does this at a fraction of the cost of the more well-known programs.

It uses rhythmically pulsed beats in order to produce outstanding results. By listening to these, you can easily enter into a deep meditative state. By doing this, it works to alter the brainwaves occurring naturally in your mind. It adjusts the frequency so that the brainwaves enter into a deeper sense of being. This allows you to meditate at a much deeper level than trying to do so, on your own. In this state, your mind can be effective at achieving any of your goals.

What Users Say

There are a few reasons many people are turning to Genius Brain Power over other products. The reviews of this program are in general very positive. Users are thrilled with some key components of this system.

  • The program is easy to use. It is comfortable and the beats are soothing, unlike other programs.
  • You can enter into a deep level of meditation easily. Individuals without experience can engage in this program with ease.  
  • The sounds and music are unique to the program. It is different from other programs, which helps those who have used brain entrainment previously to see striking improvement.
  • Individuals enter into a deep meditative state during the program and have very productive periods after coming out of the meditative state.
  • It improves ideas and creative flow and enables an individual to do more with less time and energy.
  • It provides improved energy and enables individuals to let go of stressful situations effortlessly.

These are just some of the benefits others are seeing using Genius Brain Power for meditation.

What Do You Get?

When you invest in Genius Brain Power, you get some outstanding results. To accomplish this, the company gives you the following:

  • IQ increasing recording – This one is 42 minutes in length and contains classical music. It is an easy to use way to enter into relaxation.
  • Alpha and Theta Recording – This program provides you with 30 minutes for each element (Alpha and Theta) and allows for a wide range of sounds.
  • The Beta Recording – To encourage focus and concentration, this 60-minute recording is one of the best in the batch. It is ideal for those who like to meditate going to bed or getting up.
  • Theta Recording – There is both a 30- and a 60-minute Theta recording. These focus on extreme relaxation and deep meditation.
  • Delta Ultra Deep Standalone – There is also a 30- and 60- minute recording that can aid in growth hormone release, improving sleep quality and healing.

Genius Brain Power is one of the best programs around especially for the price. It is easy to use, comes with a 60 day money back guarantee and it has strong support from customers.