Isochronic Tones And Your Thought Patterns – Does It Work?

Have you heard of isochronic tones and wonder what they are? How could they help you? For those people who wish they could better control their thoughts, the use of this particular method as a means of meditation could make a significant difference to your life. There is no risk, but there are significant possible benefits. As with all forms of brainwave entrainment, there is no risk to reducing your competence or skills with the use of isochronic tones. Ultimately, you can experience some of the best high frequency tones possible using it. What if you could change your thoughts and emotional state using these beats?

What Are Isochronic Tones?

Isochronic tones are regular beats of a single tone. This is a component of brainwave entrainment, the use of sounds and tones to alter the brainwaves to achieve various goals both physical and mental. In this method, the interference pattern is outside of the brain. That means headphones are not required for this method, though they can help improve the process. They are similar to monaural beats in this way. However, they are significantly different to monaural beats. Monaural beats create constant sine wave pulses whereas isochronic tones are separate pulses of a single tone. In this method, the stimulus is stronger and therefore it has a bigger effect on brainwave entrainment.

How Does It Work?

In short, when you listen to the appropriate isochronic tones, the sounds are just one tone and happen at a regular beat. When this happens, it turns on the thalamus and stimulates it. As a result, the brain duplicates this frequency and, in doing so, brain and thought patterns can change. This type of tone is different from Holosync (click here to read review) as well. Isochronic tones turn on and off rapidly rather than being two sine waves that combine different frequencies.

In comparing the two, many experts suggest that isochronic tones are ideal for situations in which you need a higher frequency, such as in memory training. In situations where you wish to accomplish a lower frequency (like are used in Holosync Awakening Prologue), you may wish to use binaural beats instead. However, isochronic tones are still very new in terms of their use in brainwave entrainment when compared to other methods. That does not mean they are any less effective. Many will find that they are an ideal option for improving various conditions.

What You Should Know

The use of isochronic tones is an ideal way to alter the patterns and thoughts occurring in the brain. It is a key component of some forms of brainwave entrainment. This method creates rapid pulsating, intermittent tones. In order to be effective, this method must use audible sounds. That means that if there are other sounds present, such as music that will reduce the overall effectiveness of this method.

There is no doubt about it, isochronic tones are an important part of brainwave entrainment, though they may be one of the newest technological advancements in the field. However, using them properly is important. Specifically, these are most effective in the higher frequency zones, often called gamma zones. That means they are highly effective for situations such as memory training and IQ improvement, but may not be beneficial for relaxation or meditation in general.

For those who hope to start brainwave entrainment, the use if binaural beats may be a good first step. These tones may be harder to get started with. However, for those who are looking for improvement at a deeper level for higher frequency zones, do look into the use of isochronic tones as a way to get amplified benefits. Used properly, these tones can create a far more effective result for you.