Holosync, Lifeflow, OmHarmonics – 3 Binaural Programs Reviewed

Last updated: September 21st 2017

One of my pastimes is to monitor and evaluate promising new personal growth technologies. In recent years I have used, studied and evaluated what are called “brainwave technologies” like Centerpointe Holosync, Project Meditation Lifeflow and Mindvalley OmHarmonics. I’ve found all of these programs to be an enormously useful complement to traditional and alternative healing methods.

Holosync, OmHarmonics Brainwave Meditation

A few years ago, I watched as neurofeedback gained growing acceptance as an important advance in treatment methods, and as a therapist, I have seen the successful application of the same techniques as therapeutic tools to help clients deal with their real emotional, spiritual and mental health needs.

It is, of course, unrealistic to expect clients (or their therapists) to deal with complicated EEG technology and the major expense it entails. For that reason, a simpler and cheaper technology is required if the process of neurofeedback is to be used in day-to-day life. That technology exists, and it is called “brainwave entrainment.”, often also called “binaural beats”.

I have found that binaural beats meditation audios are extremely useful in helping people reduce stress, deal with their emotional issues and achieve contentment in their everyday lives – and it doesn’t have to be used in a therapeutic or controlled environment.

Three of the most popular programs developed to aid people with brain entrainment (which I’ll explain in more detail shortly) are the Centerpointe Holosync, Project Meditation Lifeflow and Mindvalley OmHarmonics programs. Let’s take a look at what they do and how they work.

The Benefits of Brain Entrainment

The theory behind brain entrainment not only makes sense scientifically, but logically as well. EEG studies repeatedly show a correlation between abnormal brain waves and serious conditions like epilepsy and strokes, as well as less-serious but treatable issues like anxiety, chronic stress and sleep disorders. That is why brainwave entrainment is a valuable tool used to teach the brain to better regulate its activity, thereby mitigating or eliminating the medical issues.

There is little doubt that emotional distress is closely associated with brain activity. So it would certainly follow that “retuning” the brain through brain entrainment, to achieve a calmer and more peaceful state, should work wonders to relieve stress and improve overall brain condition. There has been some rigorous scientific research proving the efficacy of the process, and the studies that have been done, along with anecdotal evidence – and the results I’ve seen personally – are overwhelmingly positive.

Here are some of the more specific benefits which have been seen from the use of brain entrainment systems like Holosync, Lifeflow and OmHarmonics.

  • Healthier sleep patterns and more restful sleep each night
  • A greater ability to relax and meditate (some describe brain entrainment as the ultimate meditation tool)
  • A lowering of situation-specific and overall stress levels
  • Improvements in cognitive function and creativity
  • Easing of negative emotions which affect health and happiness
  • An overall sense of peace and well-being

If that sounds like a panacea – that’s exactly what it can seem like for some people who find themselves mired in emotional difficulties. For others, brain entrainment is simply a tool to help them boost their personal levels of happiness and satisfaction. And I’ve found from research and empirical testing that it works, particularly for those who are trying to overcome intermittent or random emotional problems which interfere with optimal daily functioning and performance.

I’ll explain the science behind this brainwave neurotechnology after a disclaimer. As a therapist, I think it’s important to make clear that brain entrainment is just one of many approaches to mental, behavioural and emotional problems or impairments. Traditional talk therapy, as well as other treatments such as cognitive, behavioural and holistic therapies should always be considered. However, I’ve found that brain entrainment can work well in tandem with most of those approaches, in addition showing impressive results when used on its own.

How Brain Entrainment Works

I’ve already mentioned that brain entrainment programs such as Holosync, Lifeflow and OmHarmonics work to alter brain waves and keep them at desirable levels. There’s some interesting science behind that simple explanation.

Not surprisingly, it’s impossible to explain the concept of brainwave neurotechnology without giving you a little information about brain waves. I’ll keep the discussion at a level that’s easy for everyone to grasp, but feel free to skip this section if you’re only interested in the pros and cons of Holosync, Lifeflow and OmHarmonics and don’t care about how they work.

Let’s start with how the brain functions, or more importantly, how it communicates. There are billions of nerve cells in the brain, known as neurons. The neurons constantly send information to each other via small bursts of electricity; that’s how the brain functions from second to second. All of the concurrent messaging being done by billions of neurons produces a total level of electricity that can be detected by the EEG machine mentioned earlier, and the pattern of electricity produced over time is known as a brain wave because when viewed on a monitor, it looks like a wave.

The frequency with which brain waves move through a complete cycle is measured in Hertz (standing for cycles per second, and abbreviated as Hz). Scientists have determined that there are four primary and two secondary (and unusual – Gamma and Epsilon) levels of brain activity as measured by brain waves, and they’re labeled with Greek letters:

  • Gamma – higher states of consciousness, bliss. Frequency between 25 and 100 Hz though 40 Hz is typical.
  • Beta: The brain’s normal state when a person is awake and alert (40 Hz – 14 Hz)
  • Alpha: The level of brain activity when a person is awake but fully relaxed (14 Hz – 8 Hz)
  • Theta: Brain waves produced when a person is in deep meditation or light sleep (8 Hz – 4 Hz)
  • Delta: Brain activity when a person is in a deep sleep (4 Hz – 0.5 Hz)
  • Epsilon: Some of the lowest possible frequencies – at below 0.5hz. Deep into consciousness, it facilitates spiritual and awareness expanding experiences.

Types of Brainwaves for Entrainment

In other words, when someone is awake and active, their brain waves are moving “faster” (going through 14 – 40 full cycles per second) than when the person is relaxed or meditating (4 – 14 cycles per second). That’s where brain entrainment comes into play; an outside stimulus that can “slow down” brain waves can move the brain from a state of focus and alert, to one of full relaxation.

It’s possible to use visual stimuli to change the state of brain activity but the easiest way to do it is through auditory means. Holosync, Lifeflow and OmHarmonics, among other brain entrainment programs, use sounds to alter the frequency of brain waves in order to induce a calmer, more relaxed state.

There’s one problem, however. The audio required to alter brain waves exists at low frequencies such that humans can barely hear it, or not at all. That has led to the use of an ingenious sound delivery technique for brain entrainment, known as “binaural beats.”

Using Binaural Beats to Train the Brain

The initial research into binaural beats was done way back in the 1970s by biophysicist Gerald Oster. He unveiled it in his article “Auditory Beats in the Brain,” published in the October, 1973 issue of Scientific American. In a nutshell, he discovered that when tones with similar but different frequencies were played into each of a subject’s two ears, the person’s brain integrated the two tones to create and “perceive” a third sound, even though that sound was at such a low frequency that it couldn’t be heard naturally. He called that third sound the binaural beat.

Here’s an example. Imagine a sound with a frequency of 250 Hz played into one ear, and a sound with a frequency of 260 Hz played into the other ear. One side (or hemisphere) of the brain would recognize the 250 Hz sound, and the other hemisphere would recognize the 260 Hz sound. The two hemispheres would then work together to resolve the difference, which is when the brain would perceive the third, 10 Hz binaural beat – the difference between 260 Hz and 250 Hz. This tendency of the brain to adjust a dominant frequency to match the binaural beat is known by scientists as the “frequency following response.” Importantly, while a 10 Hz sound can’t be heard naturally it is a perfect frequency for brain entrainment.

There’s another major advantage to the process. When synchronizing the two sounds the two hemispheres of the brain are forced to work together, reinforcing and enhancing their natural communication process through the creation of additional “circuits” between them. This is the brain training I’ve referred to; the use of programs like Holosync, Lifeflow and OmHarmonics, which are based on binaural beats, train the brain to communicate and function better. The beats can also be used to develop the brain’s ability to enter the gamma, alpha, theta, delta and epsilon states. In this way, a person’s brain can “learn” how to optimally relax, meditate or sleep by adjusting the frequency of its brain waves.


Research Studies

This isn’t just theory. A study conducted at Duke Medical Center and published in the January, 1998 issue of Physiology & Behavior found that binaural beats are able to entrain brain activity, increasing the subjects’ mood and psychomotor performance while potentially affecting their states of consciousness positively.

A Canadian study reported in a January 2001 Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine article showed that subjects who listened to theta and delta frequency binaural beat tapes showed a significant reduction in their anxiety levels. And a September, 2005 article in the British journal Anaesthesia reported on a random, controlled study that showed anxiety before surgery decreased by enormous margins when clients listened to binaural beat audio before their operations.

As I’ve mentioned, there hasn’t been the same volume of scientific research on brainwave neuro-technologies that we normally see for long-standing therapeutic techniques like psychotherapy. I have no doubt, though, that as time goes on we’ll be seeing more “mainstream” confirmation of the effectiveness of binaural beats for brain training, stress relief and other of the other benefits I’ve discussed.


Holosync, Lifeflow, OmHarmonics: which to Choose?

All I can do is give my honest opinion of each program and help guide my clients and readers.

To start with, from my experience they all work – and work well. Holosync, Lifeflow and OmHarmonics are all easy to use with standard media players such as your smartphone (iPhone, Android etc.) and headphones or earbuds, and from my observations and experience they each produce the same general benefits. They are all very polished and reputable products.

They help increase the ability to relax and/or focus as desired and live a calmer life, while reducing stress and even making it easier for some people to fall asleep at night without the use of sleeping aids. There are no negative effects to either that I can report. Of course, since you can’t actually hear binaural beats, there’s no way to tell if there’s any difference in the actual performance of each program. You can only go on results, and all produce results.

However, there are two significant differences to be aware of if you’re deciding between Holosync, Lifeflow and OmHarmonics. Centerpointe Holosync takes much longer to “complete” because there are thirteen different levels in the program (some people need as many as ten years to finish the entire regimen), and each listening session takes an hour if you listen all the way through.

Holosync and Lifeflow are also significantly more expensive (almost $160 – $200 for the first level of Holosync). Lifeflow is also a steep expense, at $670 for the ten-level program.

On the other hand, OmHarmonics is an affordable alternative that suggests shorter 15-to-30-minute listening sessions to achieve the desired results. It contains a generous set of tracks (all of Gamma, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Epsilon brainwaves).

So What makes Omharmonics System of Meditation Unique?

OmHarmonics, in my view, stands out from the crowd when it comes to binaural beats meditation programs.


1. Because it synchronises your mind and body – the program tracks are replete with heartbeat and breathing sounds synchronisation (known as MRT) to bring your mind, breath and heartbeat into sync.

2. It is flexible and customised for your needs- this means that whatever your needs are (relaxation, creativity, sleep etc), there is a track option custom-made for this.

3. It offers the key brainwave frequencies- there are a wide range of different frequencies in each track. This helps your mind to slip into Alpha, Theta and Delta meditation states.

4. It is made to guide you- you enjoy the system in the comfort of your own home and experience resistance-free meditation.

5. It Sounds *wonderful* and I don’t get bored with it, as I did quite quickly with Lifeflow and also Holosync. OmHarmonics has the highest production quality of all three programs – sensual, spacious ambient music, beautiful soundscapes and breathing pulses, to help relax and ease your way into the meditation state. Nothing can touch it at all when it comes to the sheer depth of quality within it’s tracks.

My Own Experience Using OmHarmonics

The Free Download: the free meditation clip and free meditation primer course are both great and I really enjoyed them both. The track put me in a deep state of meditation in just a few short minutes after a busy day at work. The course helped me to get perspective, learn techniques and motivated me to actually meditate.

The sample track helped me feel more relaxed, more energetic and rejuvenated for the evening. Nothing beats the deep, blissful experience I had. Not even meditating in silence, thus I opted to buy the full program.

The Paid Program: the unique audio tracks designed for different purposes are just amazing. I like listening more to the “Spark” and the “Balance” especially after a hectic day.

In particular, I am more into the “Spark”. I can listen to it day and night without ever getting bored. This is because it helps me fight through mental fatigue and helps me think creatively.

The “Balance” is also another great track to listen to when you just want to rejuvenate your body and mind. It is an awesome track to listen to if you had an intense day like I often do.

With the help of OmHarmonics I get to almost the “blank page” mental state in just minutes where there are barely any thoughts at all. Of course I have not yet reached the level of a Zen Master yet but I believe I could be headed there. The program works effectively to ensure within a very short period of time (minutes, literally), you slip into a deep meditative state.

This has been very helpful for me especially during those days when I’m stressed out and when perhaps things are not going as well as I would like. I have the program synced on my iPhone and I carry small buds in my pocket so I can use it even during the day at work when I have a few spare minutes.


– Easy to use hence great even for beginners

– Comes with a 90-day money back guarantee

– Instalment plan to help purchase the program (at no extra cost)

– The audio tracks will work on any smartphone or MP3 player
There is no doubt in my mind that binaural beats audios make meditation easier and more enjoyable. I’m a more centred person every day I do meditation. It’s hard to explain the feeling but I assure you it’s a great feeling. If time is an issue for you, why not try the 15-minute audio tracks? It works effectively like the rest so you will also feel the benefits quickly.

Their Free Course

I recommend also trying their excellent short free meditation course.

It includes a lovely gift inside that I’ve secured for my readers – a $50 discount voucher for the full OmHarmonics program meaning you can get it for less than $100.

For those starting out with brainwave entrainment it’s the highest quality program on the market, in my opinion, and at a very good price.

Here’s a 15-minute demo of their product. Listen using earphones, and with your eyes closed.

So you can discover if you like this different way of meditating without spending much money and with no risk.

You can get the free course and $50 off here.

Whichever program you choose, you’ll likely discover that binaural beats technology can work wonders for your mood, stress levels and happiness.

Centerpointe Holosync in More Depth, and My Personal Experience

So, how do these programs actually work in practice on a day-to-day basis – and what kind of outcomes can you expect?

Holosync is a 13-level binaural beats program and used to be considered by many to be the standard of brainwave entrainment personal growth products. It was developed by Bill Harris and Wes Weit of Centerpointe Research Institute in order to cater to the demand from seekers for products which help to expand awareness and foster spiritual awakening.

It uses brainwave technology only consisting of binaural beats where the carrier frequencies are lowered from one level to the next in order to progress from one state of consciousness and energetic clearing to the next. This is not without significant risk, as this type of low frequency sound used with earphones can really stir up your system, and I personally found this to be quite unsettling.

The whole experience is akin to trying to run a marathon without having trained. Everything will ache a little, and sometimes a lot. It is not uncommon to experience headaches, even bouts of anxiety or depression whilst using Holosync.

Your brain should become acclimatized to the way in which the sounds are delivered, and the left and right hemispheres of the brain will filter and process those sounds, that is if you can handle the ultra-low frequency tones, and that’s an IF – well then Holosync can help you to grow and mature emotionally.

Looking through forums and other pages about brain entrainment has made me realize that, much like a prescription medicine, people react differently. The same seems to be true of Holosync. Some of the major benefits for many people are:

  • Lowering of stress levels
  • Enhancing the ability to meditate and to relax
  • Improvements in creativity and cognitive function
  • Elimination of negative emotions
  • Increasingly restful sleep and healthier sleep patterns
  • Sense of satisfaction, peace, and well-being channeled

This list is a pretty common set of benefits that most people would expect to gain from a program such as Holosync. The problem is that you may find some of these are not achievable for you – simply because of the way your brain and mind are structured.

If you are contemplating any form of binaural beats usage you should be aware of this. It doesn’’t mean it doesn’’t work, or you are not “right” – it simply means your own brain is processing the signal it is receiving in a different way to others.

If you have never meditated before – you do not know how your brain will react – or what a “normal” outcome is. Brainwave synchronization works on different frequencies. Because some people are more attuned to certain levels than others – in the same way in which some people can hear better than others – they will respond differently.

One of the ways Holosync helps is by reducing the amount of time your brain has to be exposed to the necessary frequencies before you see and feel results.

For most Holosync is reasonably safe to use, for others though it is certainly not, so I am very reluctant to recommend it.


Project Meditation Lifeflow in More Depth, and My Personal Experience

LifeFlow is an isochronic tone and monaural beats program, and has designed its tracks around all of Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma brainwaves. There are 10 of these tracks, and each has a different purpose.

The programme is counterintuitive – it is designed to run from track number 10 down to track number 1.

Audios 8,9, and 10 cover the Alpha brainwaves. The Alpha waves are the ones which cause both the passive and receptive dreamy state associated with being “spaced out.” Alpha waves are the ones associated with Transcendental or TM meditation and are responsible for creativity, visualization, and learning enhancement as well.

These tracks start slowly but constantly, and consistently build, to envelop you in a rich, vibrant, resonant sound which immerses you in a pool of, what I can only describe as, “water as sound.” Instead of floating around in water, you seem to be floating around between the aural currents generated by the sound.

Initially, I found the LifeFlow Alpha tracks were much like white noise. The basic sound was there constantly but, rather like learning a new language where the words all run together and cannot be discerned initially, slowly, over the course of a couple of weeks I began to recognize patterns within the sound and run with those with the rest drifting over me as background sound.

Once using this became a regular thing, I found myself anticipating, and actually looking forward to hearing, a particular sequence of noise which took me on a “sound journey.” By following the same path and adding to the journey each time, I found I could get a deeper relaxation – the further I went – the further I wanted to go.

Audios 4, 5, 6, and 7 are the Theta brainwave tracks of the LifeFlow program. These are for extremely deep sleep, dreaming and hypnagogic imagery.

When you have used the Alpha brainwave programme for a while you will be ready to start the journey into the Theta series. This is one step beyond the brainwave synchronization which the Alpha program brings, and is designed to penetrate further.

I found it very easy to access the benefits of this very quickly – I think simply because my brain was now prepared for the unusual places the Alpha tracks took me. It certainly works.

The feeling of unconsciousness and floating is almost palpable. Colors become extremely vivid, sound becomes all embracing and the elements involved in bringing this all together coalesce into real, tangible meditative relaxation.

I found 6 to be particularly powerful and deep. It took me some time to come away from the effects of this particular track.

At this point, it is worth pointing out that using tracks as powerful as these when you are tired is sometimes counter-productive. So deep is the relaxation effect, and the shift in consciousness, the rhythm can easily send you to sleep – defeating the whole object of the brain entrainment qualities of binaural beats.

Audios 1, 2 and 3 are Delta brainwave audios and these are for deep sleep, healing and growth, deeper meditation, spiritual connection and are key to HGH (Human Growth Hormone) release – the deep trance-like non-physical state you can achieve.

These are mighty strong programs – and I would suggest just dipping yourself slowly into them – rather like gradually easing yourself into a cold swimming pool. It will take some time for your brain function to open up to the point where you feel the full effects.

Of course, once you have got used to the system, you can mix and match and just dive into those programs which suit your mood, or when you want to create a different state. For instance, if you are feeling particularly anxious about something you may want to go for one of the mid 4, 5. or 6 programs, to help you relax and calm everything which is bothering you.

Generally, I like the LifeFlow audios. It is relatively user friendly and you can use not just using headphones to listen but by using speakers as well, to vary the effects of the beats.


Mindvalley Omharmonics in more Depth and my Personal Experience

The third program I’ve used extensively is Mindvalley’s OmHarmonics.

According to their website OmHarmonics have sold over 2.8 million copies of their product. They promise five main benefits of using the program –- these being less stress, better sleep, increased creativity, sharper focus, and a healthier mind and body.

One of the keys to success is the fact that it has an award-winning audio engineer, Paul Hoffman, at the helm. He has been transforming sound for consciousness training and mind entrainment for over 20 years.

On first listen, the sound quality is stunning. Through both headphones, and through speakers, the deep bass notes and treble intonations are thrilling to hear. It almost doesn’t matter what you are listening to – so rich is the aural experience here.

As you listen to one sequence of sound, another comes from underneath it to flow over the previous one and replace it. This is seamless and listening to these waves of incredible noise washing over you is something which has to be experienced. The music actually resonates at some points – producing the effect which enables brain entrainment to happen. Without getting into the science of neuroplasticity and consciousness it is impossible to describe the sensation.

I found using Omharmonics made me feel chirpier, calmer, and better at coping with stressful situations which I encountered on a day-to-day basis.

One of the things which surprised me was the extent to which my behavior changed. We all have certain foibles and habits which we find hard to break. We do things, knowing they are wrong or harmful, but we keep doing them anyway. They are like an itch which you have to scratch.

My own ‘bad thing’ was eating way too many potato chips. I did it out of comfort when I became anxious or nervous of something. I would simply eat – and a whole large packet of chips was easy. To my surprise, after a couple of weeks of listening to Omharmonics I found myself able to leave the crisps in the cupboard. I felt sufficiently calm to not need the “comfort” of my potato blanket. I cannot describe how good this felt. Until it was gone I had no idea what a weight it carried.

The effects went further, I did notice this so looked up some other user accounts to try to reassure myself this was all quite normal and there was nothing unusual in what I was experiencing.

Another example – when I was little, I had a fight with my brother. I hit him from behind with a heavy stick – we were only six. This incident had been forgotten by both of us. It was just a story for those after Christmas evenings reminiscing. I had not thought of it for years – yet after a particular session of meditation using Omharmonics, about a month in, I remembered the whole thing in vivid detail. It had not crossed my mind for years, yet here it was in glorious technicolor.

It was almost as if a metaphorical plug had been taken out of the hosepipe of my unconscious which allowed the water to flow again.

The first level of the program consists of five meditation audios – each track of which comes in 2 versions, a 15 minute one and a 30 minute one. Each of the tracks is for a different purpose:

1. The Start Of The Day – begins your day with a relaxing wake up call – building to a way of making sure you get off to a flying start by charging you up with positive and vibrant energy, to see you through even the most hectic routines.

2. The Focus – this track allows you to zoom in and really concentrate on any task you need to get done without distractions. It centers you on the task in hand – and helps you to direct all your energies towards this.

3. The Spark – here the idea is to stimulate innovation and creativity. By honing the frequencies used this track generates imagination and ideas by allowing the dreaming frequencies to be maximized.

4. The Balance – this is the perfect solution for one of “those” days. Use this when you get home for 15 minutes or half an hour and it will enable you to forget completely the awful day you have just had. Using deep relaxation wavelengths you will find yourself calming down and chilling.

5. The Deep Rest – play this just before you go off to sleep and you will find yourself drifting off into a gorgeous deep, long lasting snooze. You will wake up refreshed and energized and ready for anything after using this track.

What I really love about the OmHarmonics programme is needing no specialized knowledge in order to use it. Many other programs rely on you knowing about brain wave forms, binaural beats, brainwave synchronization and other technical information.

You will often find, when using these, it is down to you to discover which program best suits any particular result you might want.

What this program does superbly is to blend the elements of alpha, theta, delta and epsilon brainwaves seamlessly. You are subjected to their effects without even being aware of them – this is a very clever take on the usual way of listening to such beats – and takes the work out of trying to decide which version or track to use.

You simply select the result you want and the purpose for which you want to use the audio – and the programme will do the rest for you. In this way it is easy for anyone with a basic knowledge of meditation to use it, without getting bogged down in technicalities.

OmHarmonics go beyond binaural-based meditation audio by using, what Mindvalley call, “Multivariate Resonance Technology” –and because of the sound definition, it is ideal for use in activities where, if you are straining to hear the sound, you are not able to concentrate properly on the task in hand. OmHarmonics dynamic range make this dual-purpose usage a cinch.

For instance, I found it easy to move in and out of my work when using the “Focus” program. If I wanted to concentrate on my task I could do this without the binaural beats being distracting, but, equally, if I wanted to listen to them I did not have to make the effort to hear them – they were just “there” if I needed them. Perfect.

Some people will need longer time periods to break into new levels of awareness, others will need less. This program is timed to 15 and 30 minute sessions (this is for each audio track) and this is plenty of time to take a break from everyday life for a while – and go somewhere else.

I love the idea of pre-preparing the tracks for different times of the day. This is very clever.

Using “the start of the day” track before getting up is very useful. It certainly gets you going. I found the 15 minute track to be too short – the 30 minute one was just right for me. I found myself going off to work with a spring in my step – and, rather like a favorite song or album – after a few plays, you find yourself listening out for a particular sound sequence you like. The fact that you can take this anywhere and listen to it is another revelation.

One thing which surprised me in using the program was the way in which my energy levels had increased. I think this is because my sleep became real. It became much deeper than I had experienced and far more akin to the kind of sleep I experienced as a child – no extraneous worries or doubts creeping in, making me anxious, and preventing me from replenishing and rebooting my systems.

The other thing I noticed, along with other people, was that I seemed much brighter and much more creative in my approach to everyday problems and difficulties. Before embarking on the program I would have collapsed in on myself and been unable to try new approaches – being afraid these would make my difficulties even worse. – I now find I am actively seeking to change all of the habitual ways of tackling both work, and personal issues.

I have become far more confident in my ability to react to criticism and doubt. I now proactively challenge my conventional wisdom on a whole range of subjects I would have been averse to even looking at before brain entrainment.

As a result, I have also found my relationships have changed for the better. Where I was always seen as, if not negative, certainly reticent, I now find I am contributing far more to my friendships and acquaintanceships – and I’m getting great feedback, which only serves to encourage me more.

I have far more stamina than I did before and and find my persistence is at a new level. I would tend to give up too easily on things. To my amazement I am now able to work on projects in a far more thorough way, and for longer.

In summing up – to me, where the LifeFlow and Holosync programs are the BMW and Mercedes of such meditation and brain entrainment programs, OmHarmonics is the Rolls-Royce.

I do not need to know how everything works under the bonnet, I do not need all the flashy gizmos or the complications. I just want quality and pedigree above all else so that I can start the motor and glide off, without having to think about anything, except the exceptionally smooth ride.


Click here to visit the OmHarmonics site.

Be well,
David Foley BSc, MA.


  1. Celente

    Maybe i should have a look at Lifeflow on the monthly payment plan. I was going to get Holosync but it’s expensive, and I’ve had anxiety issues in the past so I think I’ll play it safe.

    1. StarBlue

      I think that’s wise Celente. One thing that I discovered was that Holosync is suitable for some and very unsuitable for many others. I know of people who’ve gone into deep depressions as a result of overwhelm brought on from Holosync. So while I raved about Holosync in the start, I’ve totally stopped recommending it to others, it’s just too risky, even though Bill Harris would never admit it.

    2. Marc V.


      I am going to order the Lifeflow program tomorrow and I am in the same situation you are. Lets keep in touch, either here or in the Life flow forum so we can trade ideas how to get the most out of it. I have had to use medication to sleep for over 20 yrs. and I’m so tired of it. Maybe this is the ticket. Good luck to us both! I tried Holosync and this guy is right, its a bit harsh.

  2. Sarah

    Congratulations on what seems to be a powerful and healing experience for you. I’ve also had a very valuable and powerful experience using Lifeflow and other brainwave programs beforehand even though I don’t have the same history of trauma and illness as you. The most dominant benefit of using for me was that the deep relaxation and the newfound awareness helped me to relax into life more, became more peaceful overall and was able to let go of negative self-talk and behavior that was hammering my self esteem. Like you, I started out using binaurals but didn’t like them for the same reason as you (upheaval!!). They’re crude at best and dangerous at worst. Maybe they’re ok for totally strong and healthy people but who buying any of these programs could claim to be that? Like you say, Isocronics and monaurals like what lifeflow uses are superior imo. I also love the advanced Lifeflow gamma tracks, did you use these at all?

    1. Post

      True about the type of people who would be trying out this type of technology, I agree that many would be fragile in some way.
      Aside from the different feeling when using Lifeflow, the lack of overwhelm using it has been the biggest differentiator between it and Holosync for me.

  3. Hannah

    One of the most personal and extensive stories of an individual benefiting from a binaural beats meditation program that I’ve read.
    Many of the newer programs are showing that they can compete with Holosync and also Lifeflow both on quality and especially on price. I personally don’t think that people need to go down the Holosync route.

    1. Post

      I agree with you Hannah, I first thought that I had to go for Holosync, that it contained some unique technology, but now that I know more about brainwave entrainment technology, I know that it’s really only the illusion created by Bill Harris’ marketing machine that I was missing out on.

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