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{Infinite Beats}

Free 12-Month, Progressive Binaural Beats Meditation Program

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Level 1

Level 1, Version 1

Level 1, Version 2

Level 1, Version 3

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Level 2

Level 2, Version 1

Level 2, Version 2

Level 2, Version 3


Level 3

Level 3, Version 1

Level 3, Version 2

Level 3, Version 3


Level 4

Level 4, Version 1

Level 4, Version 2

Level 4, Version 3


Level 5

Level 5, Version 1

Level 5, Version 2

Level 5, Version 3


Level 6

Level 6, Version 1

Level 6, Version 2

Level 6, Version 3


Level 1  Level 2  Level 3  Level 4  Level 5  Level 6

To download the full program for free to sync to your smartphone or MP3 player (MP3 format, in a zip file) click here.



{Infinite Beats}

Infinite Beats Free Binaural Beats Meditation Program

Free Binaural Beats Meditation Program

Made with ♥ in California
INSTRUCTIONS (read, it’s dangerous not to!):


Using headphones, listen to any version of each level for at least 60 days before moving on to the next level. Here’s the full instructions, take one minute to read please!


  • This is a 12-month progressive brainwave entrainment meditation program. Each subsequent level uses a lower carrier frequency than the previous.
  • There are six levels, each of which take sixty days to complete.
  • There are three ambient versions in each level; Version 1 – Ambient, dreamy music, Version 2 – Rain, water and animals, Version 3 – Jungle stream. Choose any version of the level you’re currently on to listen to each day.
  • The tracks use a 30-minute progressively-descending Alpha-to-Theta-to-Delta wave drop-sequence.
  • The carrier wave frequency begins at 144hz on Level 1 (corresponding with Holosync Awakening Prologue)
  • The step-down in carrier frequency from one level to the next is half that of Holosync (i.e. sane and safe).




By using the Infinite Beats meditation program, you unconditionally agree that their use is entirely at your own risk. The owner(s) of the Infinite Beats Program or their affiliates shall bear no responsibility for any consequences of using the audio tracks or any other materials made available to you, the user.

To use the meditation audio, stream from this page, or download the zip file, unzip and copy the MP3 files to your music device (an iPhone, Android phone, iPod, an MP3 player, your smartphone, or burn it to CD using free software such as iTunes) and listen on headphones (this product must be used with headphones).

Sit in a comfortable chair or sofa and listen with your eyes closed, or lie down and listen either, whatever is most comfortable for you.

Listen to the full 30 minute track, on low volume. When the track has finished, rest with your eyes closed for at least another three minutes before opening your eyes to do anything else. This small thing is important.

Of course do not listen to this product when driving or operating machinery, or when you need to focus on anything important.

Whilst listening, you may let your mind drift off in thought – whether you are thinking of something or not while using it doesn’t matter at all, as the low frequency audio waves on the track create the deep meditative effect every time you listen.

Listen to any version (1-3) of the same level’s track once per day. You may after two to three weeks of use listen more than once a day.

Listen to Level 1 for a period of at least 60 days (2 months), or

  • until you are able to stay awake for the duration of the track, or
  • until such time as any emotional upheaval has completely passed.


** Do not move on to the next level until all above conditions have been met.

The low-frequency binaural beats tracks cause deep meditation each time you use – therefore most people will experience fast growth in awareness, energetic clearing and improved mental and emotional clarity. If you do not experience any noticeable changes using this level, do not fret as you may need to move to deeper levels in order to notice significant changes. This is not uncommon. This technology works for everyone, without fail, once it’s use is consistent.

Because the low frequencies function at a deep level in the mind and body, working on the unconscious mind as well as the conscious, you may at times feel a sense of upheaval or overwhelm, of which emotions such as guilt, frustration, anger, depression, melancholy, anxiety and fear or sadness may be symptoms, among any other of the full range of human emotions possible. Most people will experience little or none of this, but some will.

If this happens, go easy on yourself, get some massage or reiki, and give the usage a break for a few days until you feel able to start regular use again. Such overwhelm, while in itself is not a good thing, it is however a good sign. It’s a sign that something is being worked through and released at an unconscious level. This is the process of making unconscious material and energies conscious, of growing awareness, and restoring you to a higher frequency and to higher potentials.

infinite beats free binaural beats meditation program

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Why Use This Free Binaural Beats Program?

People are always trying new things that are supposed to be good for them; taking all sorts of new and different vitamins that are supposed to be better for them than the last ones. People are even taking new detoxifiers, as the human body supposedly needs a detoxification diet for every season.

People are inclined to drink different teas because they are supposed to help them calm down; the list of different fads in the ultimate quest for a perfectly healthy body and mind could go on forever. In other words, people have a constant need to improve their bodies and consciousness in any way they possibly can.

The real question, however, is do people really believe in the promises of such products? Do they really have the expected effect? If they did, I would expect nobody would need to try new health fads. After all, once you have found something that works for you, there is just no need to switch to another product. As a result, you can conclude that few people have found things that really work for them at all, and what they are really doing is looking for something that will finally offer them the sound mind and body that every other product promised but failed to deliver on.

What if I were to tell you that you could finally benefit from a remedy to bad moods, stress, and anger, all without having to swallow a pill, drink a nasty liquid, or painful injections?

What if you could shut out stress or anger whenever you felt like it, like slamming a door? Forget about taking bogus pills and drinking false cleansing teas! All you need to do, in order to get this effect, is to listen to music; something that we all do from time to time! Now this is something most everybody likes, to relax and listen to a few good tunes to take your mind off of things.

To make things clearer for everyone, I guess we should first establish what binaural beats are and what they can really do for you or anyone who decides to use them to affect your mood. I guess you could say that they are specific sound frequencies that resonate with your mind allowing you to use the music to your benefit. These frequencies can be found in different kinds of music and they can have miraculous effects on your brain. The two headsets will provide each ear with the necessary frequency that will tell your brain to combine them in the most beneficial way, offering you the most out of your binaural experience!

Why You should at least try using Binaural Beats

The plain truth is that bad moods are often getting in the way of our most important activities. We often get angry, anxious or sad and have problems concentrating on all of our activities. Binaural beats will work wonders on your brain and allow you to have complete control over your moods.

Having control over them will offer you the chance to change them to your liking. This way, by simply using the right beat, you will be able to become stress free, eliminate sadness, anxiousness, and all other bad feelings that are keeping you down.

How would you feel about having the power to change your mood and your state of mind? Listening to the right music can do that for you in hardly any time at all! Being able to cheer yourself up and concentrate will have great benefits in all aspects of your life, from your family situation, to your professional life, and even your love life! If having control of your life and your feelings sounds good to you, than binaural beats should definitely be an option to consider. Check out our Transcendental Meditation free guide, you’ll enjoy it.